Access to attractive capital investments.

Subscribe to a shareholding while on the move or from the comfort of your home. All companies are thoroughly checked. Approved by the financial supervisory authority BaFin.

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With Bitalo you get access to attractive investments. Legally regulated and audited by our teams.

100% transparency

All projects are transparently prepared, without hidden costs and with sustainable returns

High security

Based on detailed examination of the companies and approval by the financial supervisory authority

Innovative projects

You get access to attractive projects that are exclusively available only at Bitalo

Forward-looking segment

Digital finance is in its infancy. With the rise of digital assets, financial markets are changing

Regulated payment service provider

Through our payment service provider you can pay conveniently by credit card, SEPA direct debit and bank transfer.

Simple handling

You draw from the road or from the comfort of your home and have all investments at a glance

How does digital financing work?


All investments at a glance

In your overview you can see all investments made and follow the development live

Invest comfortably

You can invest via our payment service provider with credit card, SEPA direct debit or bank transfer

1-Click Investment

You have all assets at a glance and can invest with one click

Direct allocation

You set the investment amount individually and the transfer is confirmed directly


Easy access to projects

  • Log in
  • Perform verification
  • Investing via payment service providers
  • Receive return
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Personal care

  • Dedicated contact persons
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Support with all technical questions
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Secure handling

  • Only allowed projects
  • Regulated payment service provider
  • Transparent information
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Digital investments offer fast, flexible and 24/7 access to investment products. They enable investments in broadly diversified asset classes and promote transparency through real-time information and digital management.

Digital assets are investments that are subscribed, traded and managed online. Different forms are structured depending on the project, including shares, bonds, mezzanine capital, cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

Digital investments work similarly to traditional investments. Unlike traditional investments, the entire process can be done online. Investors open an account online, select a project, make the investment, and then monitor it through our digital platform.

Yes, companies and individuals can raise money themselves with digital capital investments. This money can be used for a variety of purposes, including growth, innovation, and increasing capital.

Digital capital investments are suitable for all types of companies, from startups to established companies. They offer great advantages especially for companies looking for flexible financing options and wishing to use digital technologies.

Investors benefit from improved accessibility, transparency, flexibility, and diversification. In addition, digital investments often enable lower costs and fees, as well as access to asset classes traditionally only available to large investors.

Companies benefit from expanded financing options, faster access to capital, and the ability to reach a larger investor base. In addition, digital platforms enable a more efficient process and flexibility in raising capital.

BaFin-approved means that the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) has approved the relevant investment conditions. This ensures that the product or service complies with prospectus requirements and standards.

Bitalo reviews several aspects, including the financial stability of the company, the viability of the business model, the management team, market conditions and opportunities, and regulatory and legal aspects for plausibility.

Yes, you always have a contact person for any technical questions or concerns. Our customer service team is available by phone, email, or through our online chat feature.
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