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Investors gain access to attractive capital investments. Companies receive growth capital. We build the bridge. Digital. Regulated. Secure.

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Capital investments and corporate finance redefined.

Governance & Compliance

Every company undergoes rigorous due diligence. We ensure that business models are sustainable and economically profitable.

Public capital market

Companies, professional and private investors get access to the public capital market and fully digital settlement.

Attractive investments & returns

Investors and intermediaries gain access to attractive products. With our partners, we handle everything securely. Subscription, payment, allocation and repayment.

Direct investment

With our technology and connected intermediaries, companies get their financing quickly and easily.

Tradability through secondary market

As an investor, you can sell your capital investment on an integrated secondary market before maturity, giving you greater flexibility.

Private companies

As an investor, you gain access to public financing of innovative, audited and private companies, which were previously reserved for professional investors only.


What banks do not offer

  • Available, holistic and flexible solutions for corporate financing
  • Access to attractive capital investments before they are public
  • Independent and international expertise
  • Support from a single source throughout the entire process
  • Traditional, innovative and digital financial products
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Public financing on the financial market


Investment volume

Securities­information­sheet (WIB)

  • Investment volume: 1,000,000 - 8,000,000 (WIB)
  • Public
  • Secondary market
  • Range: National
  • The WIB is suitable for marketing to German investors and serves to inform investors about the relevant features and risks of a specific financial instrument or investment product. The WIB falls under the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II) and the EU Regulation on Packaged Retail Investment Products and Insurance Investment Products (PRIIPs).

20+ Experts

which are about Your capital investment, corporate financing and brokerage take care of. We accompany every step and ensure a safe, smooth process.

We live in an era of technologies. Bitalo is digitizing the world of finance and offering investors access to attractive investments that is traditionally reserved for funds and large investors. We are democratizing the financial markets and, with the Bitalo platform, ensuring that returns flow where they belong: to the investor. Bitalo stands for change in the financial landscape. We offer people security, transparency and simplicity in the increasingly digitalized, complex world of capital investments.

Platform features

Bitalo AG's end-to-end capital market platform enables companies to finance their projects and expansion - as an innovative alternative to the bank. Investors gain access to sustainable companies and products that meet all regulatory requirements.

with 1-Click

Secure and fast processing

Access to

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Automated investment

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Trading on the secondary market

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Take a look at our FAQs

Digital investments provide investors with convenient, efficient and 24/7 access to various investment opportunities. By digitizing the investment processes, investors have complete transparency and control over their portfolio.

Digital assets refer to investments that can be made and managed online. Investors can invest in various asset classes such as stocks, bonds, funds, cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

Digital capital investments work via online platforms. Investors open an online account, make investments, manage their portfolio and carry out transactions, all via a digital interface. For fixed-income products, investors receive interest and repayments, in some cases fully automatically. For equity investments, you can also sell the shares during the year if the product is traded on the secondary market.

Digital investments are suitable for both private investors making smaller investments and professional investors. They gain access to a wide range of investment opportunities and benefit from the flexibility and transparency of digital asset management.

Investor benefits include easy access and investment opportunities traditionally reserved for large investors, lower fees compared to traditional brokerage services, real-time portfolio monitoring and management. Digital investments offer the ability to invest, trade and divest from the convenience of on-the-go or at home, at any time. Disposals are possible on an integrated secondary market if the investment is listed there.

For companies, digital capital investment offers expanded financing options and a legally secure, easy way to reach a wider audience of investors. They can raise capital faster and more efficiently and easily manage their funding, including any repayments.

Bitalo selects companies based on a screening process that includes cursory due diligence and basic plausibility checks. This includes review of business plans, financials, management quality, market opportunities and regulatory requirements. In the case of public financing, you will also only receive products that are permitted by the financial regulator.

As with all forms of investment, there can also be a risk with digital capital investments. In the case of projects that have high return potential but no full collateralization, Bitalo explicitly and emphatically points this out. Companies are encouraged to minimize risk for investors. In a rigorous selection process for companies and projects, we ensure that all information is available and presented in a transparent manner. A risk of loss cannot be completely excluded for selected products. We explicitly point this out so that investors can make a qualified selection when investing and comprehensively assess the opportunity/risk ratios.

Yes, there is a certain risk with all investments. The past has shown that even investments officially rated as "safe" harbor risks of loss, and banks in particular are not protected from a loss. By presenting all information transparently, we enable investors to make informed investment decisions. In contrast to purely traditional financial service providers, we enable investors to invest in companies and projects with a risk-reward ratio that is appropriate for them and provide comprehensive information about risks.

Unfortunately, there are fraudulent projects in every industry. Bitalo uses strict selection criteria and thorough plausibility procedures to ensure the credibility and integrity of the projects listed on the platform. Companies and projects that do not disclose all information will not be listed.

If a project is BaFin-approved, this means that the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) in Germany has formally approved the company's investment conditions. This is an important indicator of the professionalism and transparent preparation of the investor information of a company or its project.

Bitalo checks various factors such as financial performance, management quality, business prospects, market opportunities, regulatory requirements and risks for plausibility before listing a project.

Yes, Bitalo offers a dedicated customer service for all technical issues. You can reach the customer service by email, phone or live chat.

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