Financing on the capital market.

We arrange investors for your growth capital and project financing. With Bitalo, your project can easily be financed on the public capital market. We take care of all the work for you. From structuring the right financial instrument to obtaining approval from BaFin and arranging the investors. Everything digital.

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  • Fast implementation
  • Digital processing
  • Low cost of capital
  • Investments from 1 euro

What banks do not offer

  • Available, holistic and flexible solutions for corporate financing
  • Access to professional and retail investors throughout the EEA
  • National and international expertise
  • Support from a single source throughout the entire process
  • Traditional, innovative and digital financial products
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Advantages|Bitalo AG

Public market approach without prospectus

Raising up to EUR 8,000,000 in growth capital in compliance with the law. The EU Prospectus Regulation makes it possible to place a financial market product permitted by the financial supervisory authority BaFin on the public capital market in a very short time. If all necessary documents are available, a permit procedure is possible within 10 working days.

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Speed & Flexibility

The process of a public capital market offering is less time-consuming than negotiations with banks or venture capitalists. By directly addressing a broad retail investor base, companies are able to raise capital more quickly, enabling them to realize their project financing in a timely manner.

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Geschwindigkeit und Flexibilitaet

End-to-end software solution

Through our end-to-end software solution, they reduce their capital costs. You can also take advantage of the simple and individual integration of our underwriting line into your market presence.

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Procedure in 3 steps

1. Discovery

We review your financing project and elicit recommendations for action for efficient and legally compliant financing in a MoU (Memorandum of Understanding). This preliminary review, prior to structuring a security, asset or fund, provides you with a holistic implementation plan.

2. Customer reception

After the discovery is completed, we draw the financing agreement with you. Due diligence and plausibility checks take place. All legal, technical and market aspects are implemented by us in order to start raising capital immediately.

3. Mediation

We syndicate your financing with our distributors and contractually bound intermediaries. As a BaFin-licensed financial services institution, we engage in a legally compliant market approach to ensure a speedy closing. We ensure ongoing adherence to all compliance requirements to protect your business.


Simply start

You receive end-to-end financing on the public capital market in a few simple steps. Everything from a single source. All done for you.

DiscoveryMemorandum of Understanding (MoU)OnboardingProspectus & BaFin approvalMediation

The future of financing

90 %
of global values will be moved online in the future. Using Bitalo blockchain technology, we map not only order and settlement, but also purchase and payment.
only 1.8 %
of the global population now own digital assets and capital investments.
Trillion Euro

global investments per year. Redefined.


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Digital investments offer fast, flexible and 24/7 access to investment products. They enable investments in broadly diversified asset classes and promote transparency through real-time information and digital management.

Digital assets are investments that are traded and managed online. They can take various forms, including stocks, bonds, hybrids, cryptocurrencies, and digital assets.

Digital capital investments work similarly to traditional investments. Unlike traditional investments, you get all the information online and can make the investment online. Investors open an account, select investments, make the investments, and then can monitor them through our digital platform.

Yes, companies and individuals can raise investments themselves. These funds can be used for various purposes, including growth, innovation and capital increase.

Digital capital investments are suitable for all types of companies, from startups to established companies. They offer great advantages especially for companies looking for flexible financing options and wishing to use digital technologies.

Investors benefit from improved accessibility, transparency, flexibility, and diversification. In addition, digital investments often allow lower costs and fees as well as access to asset classes that were traditionally only available to professional investors. This gives investors fair access to projects, which they can select according to their risk-reward profile.

Companies benefit from expanded financing options, faster access to capital, and the ability to reach a larger investor base. In addition, digital platforms often enable a more efficient process for raising capital.

BaFin-approved means that the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) has formally approved the prospectus. This ensures that the product or service meets certain legal requirements and standards.

Bitalo reviews several aspects for plausibility, including the financial stability of the company, the viability of the business model, the management team, market conditions and opportunities, and regulatory and legal aspects.

Yes, you always have a contact person for technical questions or concerns. Our customer service team is available by phone, email, or via our online chat feature. is operated by Bitalo AG.

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